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Sewer Repair Through Tunneling


After locating the under-slab leak, the next step is tunneling under slab to gain access to leaking pipes. Sewer repair through tunneling is very special skillset and not every plumbing company is able to take on projects like this. Now that the pipes are exposed, the next step is to cut all of the cast iron pipe and replace with PVC following building and city codes. We are your plumber in Texas City because no matter how big or mall your plumbing needs are, If you need a plumber, call your Buddy!

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Adequate support for sewer repair through tunneling is a matter of great importance during the plumbing re-pipe process. In practice, support spacings are a function of pipe size, operating temperatures, the location, and the mechanical properties of the pipe material. In compliance with plumbing and building codes, these hangers are carefully spaced in order to properly support the newly installed PVC pipe when tunneling under slab.


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