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Gas Line Repair and Replacement

Gas Lines

Our licensed plumbers in Texas City are skilled in gas tests, gas line replacements and gas line repair following city and building city codes and regulations.

Did the gas company pull your meter because of a gas leak? Give us a call! Was your meter pulled because your gas was turned off for more than 3 months? Give us a call! Need a gas inspection, Give us a call! From gas tests to gas line repair and replacement , Buddy's Plumbing in Texas City, La Marque and surrounding areas has you covered!

Safety Tip:

**Always have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, as this can help prevent you from breathing in poisonous gas.
If you smell a rotten egg-like odor, you may have a gas leak.
If you do smell this, please call 911, as you may be breathing dangerous gas.


Why our jobs are flat rate?

Our licensed plumbers in Texas City, La Marque and surrounding areas charge by the job, not the hour. This is why we provide free estimates so you know the cost BEFORE we start in most cases!